* Visual Perception

*Visual Motor Integration

*Visual Scanning

*Visual Tracking

*Functional Self Care Skills

​*Individualized Approach

* Fine Motor

* Sensory Integration

* Hand Strength

* Core Strength and Stability

​* Coordination/Bilateral Integration 

​​​​*Life Skills/Community Integration

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We try to make therapy fun but beneficial for the children we treat.  The last thing we want is them not to want to come to therapy.  We mix work with fun, compliment the children, and build up their self confidence, even for tasks that are hard for them.  We use prizes to motivate the children and work with the parents to determine what will motivate them if they are having difficulties with home activities or therapy. They are children and therapy should be FUN!! 

Pediatric Occupational Therapy.

Our senior  therapists have over 24 years experience.  Any less experienced therapists are closely mentored by a senior therapist.  Each child has their evaluation, goals, treatment sessions, and progress reviewed by a senior therapist.  We also provide home activities because we believe once or twice a week therapy is not enough to maximize potential.  We believe the therapist must work closely with the parent in order to maximize the child's potential. We will work with the parents to find a way to motivate the child to make the homework fun and rewarding. 

We Strive to Make Therapy Fun 

Wiles Therapy for Kids provides pediatric occupational and physical  therapy at our clinic in Cumming, Georgia as well as in homes, schools, and daycares throughout in Cumming, and surrounding areas. We provide services for a public cyber school, Georgia Connections Academy, throughout Georgia.  We do offer onsite speech therapy  through our business parther Spot On Therapy.  ABA is provided on site through our business partner, New Day ABA.   At Wiles Therapy For Kids, our goal is to make therapy fun for the children, while at the same time helping them reach new heights. 

Providing Quality  Pediatric  Therapy Since 1999

*Motor Planning

*Body Awareness


*Attention To Task

​*Hand Writing

​*Reflex Integration